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10 Nutrition Principles for RESULTS

If you are not happy with your results you’ve achieved through your body transformation or you are just starting on your fitness journey; and nutrition is/has been the main obstacle for reaching your goals, then read this blog.

First, I have two questions for you: 1. Do you like simple or do you like complex life? 2. How about with your nutrition? Over the last five years we have found that our clients that have tried jumping into more complex nutrition strategies almost always ended in very short term results and then frustration with the inability to keep up with “so many changes” and the feeling of “giving up social life and being too disciplined.” The only thing that tells whether something works is – RESULTS. And more importantly results that can be sustained. I don’t believe anyone is looking for complex solutions. Sometimes strategies could be complex and our goal is to simplify them as much as possible. Complex can many times be an excuse for why you can’t stick with it. We started making our nutrition principlesso simple that you can follow them from and printable PDF that you can put upon the fridge, in the office for everyone to see and even the kids will love it (because it has cool pics and its simple to understand). You can see the simple habits broken downthat if applied can create big changes... This has become one of our most popular strategies ever as everyone is loving the SIMPLICITY of it.

Simple vs. Complex - the former always wins.

Everyone is asking is for the simplest guidelines to success with training, eating, mindset and lifestyle so we're bringing it with this guide.

Keeping this simple rules in front of you is a great reminder of where to start and the baseline that in ​itself can get you some amazing results and you can build from there (phase 2 and 3 coming within the next couple of weeks).

Click HERE for a fully printable version of this infographic.

Enjoy! P.S. If you’ve been struggling with your nutrition and you feel like every plan is too cookie cutter or too advanced and you’ve tired of losing some weight then gaining it back but never really keeping it off or making it a lifestyle and you’re committed to finally making a change with help of coaches that are on top of their game and really care about you – and you can expect Accountability (keeping you accountable to what you said you would do based on the blueprint we provide), Access (to our top level coaches so that we can help with what you need when you need it – real time), Association (to others that are going through the same struggles and obstacles and have overcome then and are part of the community that helps you) then apply for a STRATEGY SESSION to see if CFP nutrition coaching is the right fit for you.


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