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Welcome you to the T&P 8-WEEK CHALLENGE!

We have set up this membership site for you as a guide, so you are completely set for success in your fitness journey! (click on the thumbnails below to download the resources).​ 

UPDATED Tranform & Perform 8-WK Nutritio
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The Three Pillars of Success are Accountability, Social Support and a Deadline. 

The first pillar is ACCOUNTABILITY.

At this program you'll have have our coaches that will motivate and remind you to work towards your goals, especially the nutritional side of things. Research shows that daily accountability - even when delivered online - is associated with better results.

The second pillar is SOCIAL SUPPORT.

Every fitness journey has its good days and bad days, and when you are going through the dips, you need people to be there with support and encouragement to keep you going. In the past you might have tried to achieve your goals on your own and found it too much to deal with. But with support and daily inspiration, you'll finally have the positive people in your life that you need to take your fitness and running performance to the next level. 

The third pillar is a DEADLINE. 

From the day you begin the "TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE” you'll know you have only 8 weeks to accomplish whatever the goal may be for that time frame. Whatever you are going for, the deadline will work like magic to keep you making progress and pushing forward every day. Deadlines are magical. With it, you'll make changes every day. Without it, a goal often remains just a dream. It's often said the deadline is the biggest secret of success - and now you have it on your side.

Your mindset will determine your success more than anything else. 

You really only need 3 things to succeed in fitness (or anything else in life) – desire, commitment, and consistency. With these three things, anything is possible. However, before we start , we first need to visualize where you’re at now, and where you want to go. Then you’ll put everything in writing.  This process will be your road map to your success. Once you've finished writing down your goals, feel free to e-mail them to us at, so we can hold you accountable.

You have FULL access to us so please  ask us any questions  if you need  help . 

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