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About Us

Chicago Fit Performance exists to motivate, educate, and inspire people to achieve optimal levels of fitness and balance in life. Our expert and passionate team is driven to transform lives by empowering people  to reach their full potential. We achieve this through personal training, group training, on-going support, motivation, and accountability. Our comprehensive, holistic approach to fitness and wellness in an environment that fosters a positive energy and friendly spirit empowers you to reach a heightened state of physical and mental/emotional balance.

Before I let you know what we do and how we do it, I feel you need to know WHY we do what we do.
Our WHY is the belief that making a physical transformation is so much more than just a change in appearance and performance. We know what it does for the mind and the soul, not to mention how it affects everyone around us, inspiring and creating ripples which affect others in the most positive of ways. It makes us happier, period! And knowing the purpose of life is happiness; it’s a pretty good goal to pursue in our book. 

You see sport and fitness changed my life. It changed my body, my confidence, my mindset and it taught me a lot about life. It taught me work ethic; pushing through the sometimes uncomfortable so that I can reach the goals I’m passionate about, the worthwhile ones (the same one’s you’re pursuing). It taught me habits so that I can maintain and keep progressing over the long haul because without them our actions won’t be consistent and neither will our results.

I have been passionate and purposeful about helping others change their life through fitness. Because this is my passion I use it as vehicle for my true purpose; helping people create more happiness (you create happiness you don’t find it)!

And that starts by changing yourself; body, mind and soul.

So in essence Chicago Fit Performance is a special place where we strive to continuously improve not only your physical state but also your mental state. We get you looking great naked AND have the right state of mind.

HOW do express our WHY? We dedicate everything to becoming better at our craft every single day! Whether it is understanding and learning strength, fat loss training, performance, nutrition, protocols that will help get rid of nagging pains and improve the quality of life, or become better at understanding and helping our clients by listening and communicating better while affecting the mindset and habits in the most positive of ways. We understand that what we do is not counting reps, we make a change through changing the person inside and out. And we’re not satisfied with short term results, we want the transformation to be a lifestyle change that will improve the clients like AND inspire others around them to do the same.

I attend seminars, conferences, workshops as often as I can constantly learning as I know that the day I feel I “know” everything is the day I will not grow and become better. Our team does the same as I continuously challenge them to become the best they can be.
We’re in the trenches every day training people, training ourselves and practicing what we preach, challenging ourselves so we always know how it feels to be uncomfortable and what it takes to break through to the next level. We’re all working to get to that new and improved you, it’s what life is about, growing.

I don’t say any of this to impress you but rather impress upon you that we truly walk the walk and we are not just in fitness but we’re INTO fitness. We live it and breathe every day and it’s not our job to help you out but rather our mission. We get results, we change people.

My obsession with fitness, performance and helping people has been called crazy by some, but I promise you if you are looking to get in the best shape of your life, being loyal and on your team and never giving up, then Chicago Fit Performance is the place for you. Everything we do and the drive we have is with the purpose of helping YOU and making your life better, period.

We definitely don’t know everything, but if we don’t know it yet we will find it out to help you!

WHAT we do is we deliver body transformation better than anyone in the Chicago. Bold statement? Maybe so, but rather than talking about it we will prove it with our success stories, a money back guarantee and a chance to try us out, meet the team that is driven by more passion and purpose than you've ever felt and is professional, knowledgeable and most importantly will fight and go above and beyond to help you reach your goals; and then some.

In short what does Chicago Fit Performance represents…

Guaranteed Results. Relationships. Unique Experience. Constant Improvement.


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