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Thank you very much for inquiring about our fitness coaching center. We realize you have many choices available when it comes to fitness and we’d like to take the time to thank you for allowing us to present some information concerning our business.

Having been involved in the fitness business for few years, we became increasingly frustrated at the poor standards in our industry. Quite simply we became sick and tired of clubs where sales numbers were more important than member results, personal training standards were ridiculously poor and good training programs and qualified instruction were almost impossible to find. We set out to create the solution. And we did. We believe we have the most cutting edge training program in the area with the most attentive and knowledgeable trainers. 

But we also feel that talk is cheap, though, and every owner will tell you that he or she is proud of the gyms they own, and that member results are very important to them.

What truly sets us apart from the rest of the gyms in the area is that we are the only fitness facility in the area you can experience before you make a commitment. You can come in and become a member for 14 days and see if our program is for you without any obligation and decide for yourself. If we’re not up to your standards, if we’re not the best, then don’t become a member. It’s that simple. 


We understand that making a decision to work out is difficult. Will I like the other members? Will I really stick with it this time? Will the staff appreciate my business after the sale? These are fair questions that can only be answered by coming in and having a free no-obligation workout session. It’s hard to hide bad service, poor staff or a lack of knowledge face-to-face.

We’re proud of what we do here and feel that if we’re given a chance you’ll want to do business with us. Our program although is not for everyone in the community. If you are looking for results and you appreciate quality, then we’re for you. If price is your deciding factor, you won’t be happy with us. We really do feel we are the best and we’re worth it.


Benefits of Chicago Fit Performance Matabolic-Resistance Program:

LOSE WEIGH & BURN FAT – Chicago Fit Performance Metabolic-Resistance Program caters to individuals who want to lose weight, burn fat and improve general fitness. Therefore our workouts are geared towards MAXIMUM CALORIE EXPENDITURE AND MAXIMUM FAT LOSS – not only during your workout but up to 48 hours after!

INCREASE METABOLISM – One of the most effective ways to maximize your fat-burning potential is by increasing your lean tissue, or muscle. Muscle burns fat; in fact every pound of muscle you gain will burn an extra 35-50 calories per day. Therefore, by implementing strength training into your exercise program, which will add more tone muscle (not size) to your physique, you will turbo-charge your metabolism, allowing you to burn fat 24 hours a day. 

DEVELOP SUPPORTIVE EATING HABITS – Knowing how, when and what to eat is well more than half the “battle” in the process of losing weight. The most rigorous exercise program will not yield positive weight loss results if you do not understand how to eat to lose body fat. For this reason a major component of the Chicago Fit Performance Body Transformation program is to learn proper nutrition.


GET STRONG, LEAN & FIT – Without a doubt, the Chicago Fit Performance Metabolic-Resistance Training will have you looking better than you have before, but just as important is how you feel and function. Chicago Fit Performance strives not only to create slimmer and sexier bodies but also ones that are strong and can move efficiently. 

LEARN PROPER EXERCISE FORM & TECHNIQUE – Exercise is only effective if performed correctly. Not only will you increase your chances of injury by using improper exercise form, but also, you will not receive maximal results. We will teach you how to exercise safely and efficiently. 

RECEIVE CONSTANT MOTIVATION – Many people know what to do to lose weight, but very few individuals actually get themselves to do it. Although you must be self-driven to adhere to your program, we will strive to motivate and inspire you throughout your body transformation journey in order to help you stay on your path. 

HAVE FUN – If you continue doing the same exercise routine over and over again, not only will you eventually stop seeing results, but you will also become extremely bored- and most likely quit your program. For this reason, no two workouts are ever the same at Chicago Fit Performance. Not to mention that the support and camaraderie of your peers makes each workout a lot more enjoyable and motivating. 

GET RESULTS! – The major reason why so many people are inconsistent with their exercise or nutritional programs is because they don’t see progress, or the results they are seeking. Observing consistent change in your body is undoubtedly, the greatest motivator of all. It is the ultimate goal of Chicago Fit Performance to ensure that you consistently see and feel RESULTS! Although we know that any gym/fitness facility owner would say that they are the best option available to meet your health and fitness needs, we are 100% confident that your experience at Chicago Fit Performance will be like no other. We are not saying this to ‘toot our own horn’, but because we know that our staff, out training methods, and our philosophy are unmatched by most.


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