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Personal Training
Chicago Fit Performance Personal Training: A Program as Unique as You Are

Personal training is a great way to see faster results. We base your personalized sessions on your unique strengths, weaknesses, style and goals.

With focused attention and constant encouragement, we keep changing it up so you’ll see results you never thought possible.
The CFP personal trainers and coaches implement the state of the art methods in fitness today. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring consistent progress through the use of functional training and nutrition.

We recognize that our clients come to us for guidance, direction, education, and support in reaching their health and fitness goals.


Every program features:


  • Individually customized routines with your trainer for specific goals, never repeating the same workouts

  • Exercises for the days you’re not with your trainer or “non-trainer” day routines

  • Nutritional consultations and supplementation guidelines

  • Customized nutrition plan, tracking, guidance, and support

  • Ongoing accountability and support

  • Monthly assessment, body fat, weight, measurements, fitness improvement.

Along with personal training, nutrition plays a critical role in getting your results. We can educate you on what foods to eat, how much to eat and when, how to grocery shop and eating to improve your energy. Additionally, we recommend few nutritional products to help optimize recovery, promote fat loss and energy. We also have a R.D. that we work with for more specific dietary needs.

This includes our “Optimal Recovery & Regeneration Packet,” which offers:


  • Nutrition plan

  • Recipes for healthy meals

  • Grocery Shopping Lists

  • Recovery & Regeneration Tips

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