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If you’re sick and tired of the yo-yo dieting, calorie counting and out of control eating, I have the solution for you. It’s not a magic formula.
It’s a strategic 12-month nutrition plan built by experts with you in mind. 
Let’s start your nutrition transformation today. 
Here’s what you can expect 

More Energy

No more afternoon energy slumps. You will learn how to implement small changes that will give you natural energy everyday.

Weight Loss

End the weight loss/weight gain cycle for good. You will get simple tools and resources to ensure you know how to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life.

No Diets

You won’t be counting calories, weighing your meals or restricting food. This is nutrition for real life; no diets allowed.


You don’t have to do this alone anymore. I’ll be by your side every step of the way, praying you through this journey.

Online Support

Your lessons will be delivered through daily emails. You will have access to your coaching program from any computer or mobile device 24 hours a day.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I’ll coach you for 12 full months. You will get in the best shape of your life – or it’s free!
(12 month coaching plan only)

The Coaching Process

Initial Assessment
Your first assignment will be to complete a comprehensive assessment. The answers to your questions will give me a clear picture of your goals and how I can best help you achieve them.

Daily Lessons & Habits
Each day you will get a short lesson to read and a habit to complete. I will ask you to complete each habit for 2 weeks before moving on to the next one. 

You will have the ability to message me at anytime. I will have a dashboard that shows me your progress and the answers to your daily lessons. 

Best You Coaching Program

See The Program In Action

Through our online coaching, you will get a daily lesson and a habit to practice. I will be by your side to give you regular feedback. You can also reach out to me directly anytime. Take a peek behind the scenes to see exactly how the program works for men and women. 

Coaching For Women
Coaching For Men
Best You Coaching Program

Who is this for?

Individuals who want a long-term, realistic, sustainable solution to a strained relationship with food, their bodies, and/or their health. This coaching approach provides specific, strategic practices and a simplified education in nutrition basics along with regular feedback to that will help keep clients consistent and make eating well for a lifetime become second nature. 

Description of services:

  • Initial intake and assessment of health, habits and goals

  • Comprehensive, 12-month, habit-based nutrition education and coaching via online platform accessible from any mobile device or computer.

  • New nutrition and health-related habit focus every 2 weeks.

  • Daily lessons related to current habit. Lessons take 5-10 minutes to read. Audio versions are also available so you can easily listen in your car on your commute to work.

  • Separate custom curriculum for men and women

  • Everything in this program takes a "choose your own adventure" approach. If there are certain habits you know won't work for you or your lifestyle I can help you troubleshoot or customize the habits to make them realistic and sustainable. If you are struggling in certain areas, I can work with you to find small ways to do just a little more, a little better until you’re seeing progress. 

  • Optional training program. The workout program is flexible - you can choose from a full gym option or workout at home option. The exercises come with a video and it's easier for you to understand them and do the movements properly. There is a three level of progressions of the exercises based on your capability.  


How much does it cost?

$50 per month for CFP members

$100 for non-members (includes online training and program design) 

How long is the Program?

This program is 12 months long. I use small weekly changes to build sustainable lifestyle changes.

Will this program work for me?

This program will absolutely work for you if you put in the work for the full 12 months. This program will work if you read the lessons everyday and complete the habits provided to you.

Do you really guarantee your program?

Yes! The program is 100% guaranteed if you pay in full (12 months) at the time of purchase. In order to get your money back you must complete the entire 12 months of the program with an 85% completion rate of all the lessons. If after 12 months, and 85% completion rate, you are not satisfied with your results, you are eligible for a full refund of your investment.

Do you give meal plans?
  • No. I don’t give meal plans for several reasons.

  • Most people don’t follow a meal plan for more than a few days.

  • Most meal plans are unrealistic for your busy lifestyle.

  • Giving you a meal plan doesn’t teach you how to make the changes for yourself.

  • I’m not a registered dietitian and it’s out of my scope of practice to prescribe meal plans.

Plans and Pricing
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