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Nutrition Coaching Course

Lesson #1

What it means to be an effective nutrition coach​

In today’s video (above), you learned:

  • What a nutrition coach is.

  • What an effective nutrition coach does.

  • What skills an effective nutrition coach needs.

  • How nutrition coaches think, decide, and share info.

  • And more…


In addition, in today’s video we mentioned:

Lesson #2

The key principles of energy balance

In today’s video (above), you learned:

  • Why the balance between calorie intake and output matters.

  • Some of the surprising problems with trying to count calorie intake.

  • Some of the surprising problems with trying to count calorie output.

  • Strategies to use instead of calorie counting.

  • How to help clients eat better without counting calories.

  • When counting calories might be useful.

  • And more…


More on calorie control without counting calories.

As discussed in today’s lesson, there are many factors that make accurately determining calorie intake and output quite challenging.

We’ve quantified each of them in the following infographics:

We’ve also come up with a unique method to help your clients avoid some of the inconveniences of calorie counting:

Lesson #3

Developing your nutrition coaching methodology

In today’s video (above), you learned:

  • A system for helping people change.

  • A framework for helping people take meaningful action in their lives.

  • The 6 general coaching tasks that make up any great nutrition system.

  • Why using a “nutritional levels” approach is so important.

  • How to help clients identify values, define progress, and set expectations.

  • Why you should always assess “ready, willing, able.”

  • And more…

Questionnaires, assessments, and worksheets.

As discussed in today’s lesson, we use a host of nutrition/lifestyle questionnaires, assessments, and worksheets every day with our clients.

Take a look at all 30+ of the assessments, questionnaires and worksheets we use with our clients HERE?

Lesson #4

Building nutrition coaching into your business

In today’s video (above), you learned:

  • How to build nutrition coaching into your business.

  • What to charge for nutrition coaching.

  • The different coaching models you can use.

  • How to apply the basics of sales and marketing.

  • The key principles of influence.

  • And more…


Additional business resources.

For more reading on business and career development, check out these resources:

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