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3 Ways To Win 2022

2021 is in the books.

What a year... right?! Plenty of chaos, that's for sure.

But from a different perspective it was an amazing year for me.

And I contribute it to 3 main components (that I want you to steal from me and apply into YOUR life in 2022):


I know, sounds rough... but hear me out.

If you don't put yourself first, you LIVE for other people.

You go through your day, to compliment theirs.

You stress yourself out, over their stressful situations.

You compile negativity into your head, because of their negative mindset.

You wait on your goals, because they're waiting on yours.

So really, when I say I was selfish...

I just mean I chose myself first.

But you want to know what happens when I choose myself first...?

I lift other people up alongside me.

I am able to GIVE MORE because I gave myself more.

I am able to motivate others, because I'm motivating myself.

I am able to coach others, because I coached myself first.

I am able to hold others accountable, because I'm held accountable first.

So yes, it's just like the cheesy old saying about putting your mask on first when flying in a plane.

But more than that, this selfishness allows you to STOP PUTTING YOURSELF LAST.

Which you do far too often.

In fact, I bet if you look back to reflect on the entire year of 2021...

There's AT LEAST a handful of situations where you didn't reach your goals because you put yourself AFTER everyone else.

Am I right?

Right now is where you make the conscious decision to PUT YOURSELF FIRST.

Because I'd have you consider that it's the only way you'll reach your goals.

So your homework for this one here is simple:

Grab out your journal and write down all the things you DIDN'T ACCOMPLISH because you

weren't putting yourself first.

And that can also include any thing or moment in the year where you just didn't commit to the process.

You didn't take action.

Or you simply didn't believe in yourself enough to invest the time.

Regardless, those are ALL examples of putting yourself last and not being ALL IN on YOU.

Last but not least, too...

Because it's the New Year... We'll be running our annual 8-Week Challenge that will start the January.

One of the reason we are doing 8 weeks is because we know that over 60% of people give up on their New Year goals by February.

So we're locking you in for a longer time frame, to ensure your success.

So if you're FINALLY ready to make 2022 your fittest year ever...

Where you WANT to be in the pictures, strip down to go swimming, have confidence in every room you step into, and start buying new clothes because the old ones don't fit...

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I think most people fail to reach their highest level of success because they don't plan for it.

I'd even say that most of them don't BELIEVE they can, so they fail to plan out how they will.

Make sense?

Feel that way personally?

I'm sure you do.

I know I have.

That's why I've read books like "The Magic of Thinking Big" - it shows you how to do so, why it's so important, and who has used it to become the most successful in their industry (all the greats, to give it away).

See, thinking big is part of achieving big.

If you can't imagine it, you can't create it.

But more specifically, if you can't IMAGINE YOURSELF - in it, with it, doing it, owning it.... You'll never find a way to achieve it.

And "finding a way"... well, that's the most important part.

That's the planning part I'm talking about here, with reason #2 I had an amazing year.

I set out to achieve a lot of things and I can honestly say I accomplished them all but one.

And I'll take a 95% pass rate on success!

But what I did before the New Year (of 2021) even hit, was set out some specific intentions.

I gave the year a title. ONE word that was powerful and would set the tone for my entire year.

It was LEADER.

Then I set a specific target for where I wanted to be and WHO I wanted to become, by December 31st.

I can say that I accomplished both of those things, too.

But that was my "Impossible Game"...

This is the "I will have a visible 6-pack" or "I'll be confidently rocking a bikini" or "I'll be running the entire department at work", type of goals I'm talking about here.

The ones you think about... would LOVE to have... but ultimately talk yourself out of because they seem impossible.

Yeah, those ones.

Set those targets right now.

And just know, 1 full year away is just too damn far for you to have true accountability, drive, discipline, and confidence for reaching that goal.

Which is why step 2 is to break it down into quarterly benchmarks.

It's math.


If it's a 40lb weight loss goal, that's 10 lbs per quarter.

If it's a visible 6 pack, that's 1.5 abs per quarter.

You get the point.

You break it down and then start with Q1.

For Q1, you have 90 days... 12 weeks... 3 months.

This is MUCH easier to comprehend and stay accountable to, with FULL determination and discipline, so that you can reach your goal.

Once you reach Q1's goal - you reward yourself and move onto Q2, which is the 2nd benchmark towards your impossible game.

And when you get to Q2, that "impossible goal".... doesn't seem so impossible anymore.

See, this is how I plan out my year - EVERY year.

I already did it for 2022, too.

I have a goal set for my marriage, myself as a father, my business, and my body.

I spent 3 hours on this.