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Guinness Word Record & 6 Ways To Be A Super Hero

This past weekend I was in Charlotte at the TFW Summit where we first broke the Guiness World for most weight deadlifted in an hour with almost 4 000 000 pounds. Oh, and everyone was dressed as super heroes... Because the theme this year was that everyone can take super hero type action and create ripples that make waves of change!

Over 160 super heroes from almost 20 countries assembled at TFW Headquarters to plan to save the world. ! This weekend’s TFW Summit gave me so many valuable lessons. It made me realize that I have the best job on the planet. It also made me realize that if you surround yourself with those on the same mission as you ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

I also got to hang out with some cool people like hall of fame speaker and best bestselling author Jeffrey Gitomer as well as UFC legend Jim Miller.

It was a powerful weekend.

The question I asked myself and ask you is...


What if you put in a super hero effort into the things you want - every day?


Super hero effort doesn't mean you need to have amazing genetics, an insanely high IQ, etc. It just means the effort you put in is the absolute best. (only YOU know whether you gave it your all, effort is between you and you).

I'd have you consider that if you get clear on exactly what you want, why you want it and when you will achieve it by, then ad in superhero effort towards that focused goal = RESULTS.

What doesn't get you results is quick fixes and shortcuts.

Want to reach your dreams? Then you are going to first have to do battle with some evil villains trying to stop you. If you said you wanted to be a super hero, the world would probably say you’re insane. I know everyone tried to beat the idea out of me for a while too. But I realized you are a hero to someone. Whether it is your child, spouse, coworkers or teammates, you can be the change for good in someone’s life. You don’t need a mask or a costume and you have more super power than you think. You just need to believe it.

I love everything that Training For Warriors stands for and the people whom are all a part of it and we at Chicago Fit Performance are really proud to be a TFW affiliate.

Here Are 6 Ways To Be A Super Hero:

  1. Want Courage? Do something you are afraid of.

  2. Want Discipline? Do One Thing you have been putting off today.

  3. Want Leadership? Find someone doing something good and praise them.

  4. Want Generosity? Give someone something of value.

  5. Want Patience? Let Go of something you have been upset about.

  6. Want Strength? Work on one of your weaknesses.

Do these 6 things today and you are sure to be someone’s super hero.

Want to learn more about becoming a Super Hero? Then apply for a strategy session HERE and we'll show you how to realese your "super powers" and become the best version of yourslef.


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