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The Handful Diet - The Simple Step-By-Step Guide

Today we have a very powerful blog post for you.

This blog has the phase #2 of our simple nutritional system.

In the last blog we shared The 10 Principles For Results Based Nutritioin that sets the faoundation for lifestyle based habits.

You can check it out HERE if you missed it. Once you start implementing that the next step is creating your meals in a simple uncomplicated way (with foods you like) that do NOT need you to measure with all types of tools and scales.

What else will you find out in this blog...

  • Why counting calories and tracking your workouts on technology may be as much as 50% off!

  • Does nutrient timing even matter (and whom for)?

  • How you can succeed eating the foods you like without having to measure your food and constantly plug things into your app.

  • If you haven't this hierarchy of importance in nutrition then you'll miss the boat on results (one of the most important lists you'll read).

  • Why jumping onto a very strict nutrition program will most likely lead to frustration and failure (ever done that before).

  • And more...

This is another one of the more powerful posts that we've done and simplified the rules and boundaries to help you succeed with. With the infographic we have created below you'll see a breakdown of phase #2, which is how your meals should look like. The infographic will help you develop the simple foundation for what to eat without making you overwhelmed with calories, macronutrient breakdowns, etc.

Click HERE for a fully printable version of this infographic.

The key to getting results beyond these foundational steps is… Accountability Access Association Having a knowledgeable coach that keeps you accountable, cares for you and is ruthlessly committed to your results and building a relationship that will help you transform not only short term but long term; without projecting other people’s goals on you bur rather listening to YOUR goals – this is key! If you’re looking for a coach like that and you’d like to have a Strategy Session to find out how we can help you (and get actual value from the session with no risk), while also seeing if we’re a great fit, then fill out the application form below or click HERE.


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