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Advanced Nutrition - How to Create Your Nutrition with Calories & Macros

If you enjoyed the first two infographics in how we coach simple, step-by-step nutrition and lifestyle changes... which you can check out here:

... then you'll love our 3rd phase.

The advanced phase of nutrition where we break down how to implement calories, macro's (protein, carbs, fat) and nutrient timing (when to eat).

Click HERE for a fully printable version of this infographic.

Now remember, we talk about this a LOT (and will continue to). If you're just getting started then it makesno sense to do this and overwhelm yourselfand then quit.


Take it step-by-step.


Sometimes we forget that if you decide tostart eating breakfast (which you may havebeen skipping up till now), it doesn't mean you're changing just one habit. You're changing a bunch:

- Waking up earlier to make breakfast

- Having the right foods ready to make breakfast

- Possibly going to sleep earlier

- Learning some cooking skills

So one habit change could really be five new habits! So taking on an advanced nutrition strategy can be 40 new habits!!! This can be a recipe for failure (pun intended).

Reality check coming... This is why an individual client centered approach is so important and why the first step is awareness so that we can address the things that will make the biggest change and that you can succeedwith long-term.

It's also why the 10,000's of diet books, programs fail - they are NOT addressing individuals needs, life, social triggers, family, environment, etc.

If you have something like that coming up and you are frustrated with not seeng the results you and let us know HERE.

If you’re finally ready to have guidance and support from coaches that are experts, and most importantly – care, and are going to work with you (and not force you) on changing your habits, nutrition and lifestyle to achieve exactly what you want then fill out the application form HERE and we can schedule a Strategy Session so you can see the path and the plan to your success.


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