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How a Focus Training Can Enhance Every Part of Your Life

Today I’m writing a blog for you that touches on a principal that will enhance your training session and can carry over into life and make such a huge shift in perspective and how you not only enjoy your day but how much you can accomplish in different areas. Some of you may wonder how is that even possible.

It’s really developing the skill set of being present. One of the things we really made an improvement at the gym lately in all of our training is focusing what you are doing at that point and time. It may seem so small but it really comes down to this… When you come in to the gym for training session and you should do your best and leave things out of the door. Which I understand is not always very easy. But here is my motivational message for you. When you set e foot at the gym be here and nowhere else. All that matters is that you get this amazing workout. You lift yourself up and you do something great for yourself. Make yourself feel good, make yourself feel empowered, believe you can make things happen. And for that I want you to focus on one rep at a time and the quality of each rep. Even when we go through our warm ups let’s each move be the only thing you are worried about. Whether it's jumping jack, bear crawl, lunges etc. That’s why we constantly coaching and cueing you during all moves. It may seem trivial but it’s huge. First, because you are getting the most out of that actual rep, you are there, you are present, you are focused. “How am a doing this hip hinge, how am I doing this squat, how is my range of motion etc.”. So when you start your workout continuously talk to yourself that the only thing that matters is the rep you are doing at that point and time. And as we keep coaching this throughout the training session people starting to getting it. That way you know that you'll get better results, you'll get more out of the exercise; you know that you'll challenge yourself more by doing that, by being present. All the fear and anxiety we have in our lives, come from either memory from the past or the fears of what may happen. So we either live in the past or we live in the future. But the only pace that truly matters and that we should be in is in the PRESENT. First the future doesn't exist, once we get there it becomes the present. So how our lives are lived, what we remember, what we experience, what we grow and develop is completely based on our presence at this point and time and what we do. That being said if you create a skill set of being present, in the training session, in the foam roll, in the warm up routine and the training session is going to help you in a long run big time. Now once you develop those skills at the gym for an hour 3 times a week try to transfer those things in your everyday life – be present when you spend time with your family and friends. Be present when you recover and not worry about things that come on the next day. Be present and focus at work if you want your career to move forward. Because being present is a skill set. It’s not something that you are born with. Here is a simple example that fitness and developing skills at the gym could have other benefits than just getting in shape. It could be a vehicle for a better life.

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