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30-Day Booty Challenge

Many people need a simple system to kick-start their fitness and usually a body weight program is a good place to start for those who want to take on a training program but don’t yet have access to a gym. However, bodyweight training can still be highly effective as long it's done properly.

I think the challenge is a lot more effective than the 30-day squat challenge you might have seen online because it entails two separate movements a day. These movements are synergistic with one another so they’ll lead to really great results. In every workout I have coupled knee dominant pattern (ex. squats) and a hip dominant pattern (ex. hip thrust). Both exercises engage the glutes but one targets the quads more and the other targets the hamstrings more. I also throw single leg patterns into the mix to be performed up to couple times a week so you can get some unilateral work done as well and speed up the results. Also take in consideration that it's hard to write a program that to be a good fit for everyone. This challenge would be relatively easy for advanced people and would be very challenging for beginners. For example an obese person won't be able to do a Bulgarian split squat and/or single leg bridges and he/she needs to be provided with regressions.

In my opinion there is no such thing as "one size fits all" but I think this glute challenge would be a good fit for many people that are normal weight and are generally active. Below you can see images with demonstartion of the exercises included in the challange.





Thirty days is long enough time to see progress but for optimim results the training needs to be combined with a solid nutrition program. Although in order to get full transformations you need to perform glute exercises regularly for months. It all depends on your starting point of course but getting nice glutes requires patience. Hopefully this challange will help kickstart progress, improve habits, and be a stepping stone to smething even better like our training program at Chicago Fit Performance.

Here is a pdf of the challenge: 30-Day BootyChallenge

Good luck! Coach Kosta P.S. As with anything in life, knowledge is not useful if it is not applied (it’s only “potential”). Are looking for coaches to help you change your mind, body and lifestyle? Apply for a STRATEGY SESSION (no strings attached other than you’re serious and committed to making a change) and go over where you are, your goals, and the steps needed to get you to your goals.


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