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Ela - March Member Of The Month

We are really excited to announce Chicago Fit Performance Member of the Month for March - Ela Madura! For being such an awesome client and for winning MOM, Ela receives a Massage Gift Certificate as well as a spot on our blog.

Check out Ela's video above and be sure to congratulate her with a great comment in the COMMENTS section below and give her a high five next time you see her at the gym!

We appreciate you Ela!

1. How long have you been a member of Chicago Fit Performance?

About 3 years.

2. Tell us about your fitness background?

While I was in school, I loved playing basketball and I also run short distance . After that all I've been doing is just regular activities with the family - skiing, biking, kayaking.

3. Take us back to your first workout with CFP... what was it, and how did it feel?

During my first training session, I thought I'd die :) I am usually pretty strong, I like to try new things, but the workout was intense. I felt really happy and proud after I finished. On next day, I couldn't walk or go up the stairs, but that's I knew it was good for me! 4. What do you like the most about CFP and why do you think our program works?

The support you get from everyone. You can go to gym and exercise, but at CFP you have a family for 1 hour. We are all coming to the gym where you are surrounded by people with similar goals. By seeing everyone's success and results we are cheering each other on and pushing ourselves to get to the next level.

5. When did you realize that Chicago Fit Performance was right for you?

When I was sore on the next day after my first workout:). I notice this is for me when I started to miss the atmosphere and people when I couldn't make it to the gym.

6. What is your favorite workout?

My favorite exercise would be the squat.

7. What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting Chicago Fit Performance (before/after)? I am much stronger , I am not gaining any weight, I'm losing fat I couldn't do push-ups before. I am much more calm now and less stressed. Prior to start CFP I was told I have to use medication for my thyroid to the rest of my life but I don't use any medications now and I don't need it anymore.

8. What sort of changes have you seen that were unexpected?

I've learnt a lot about myself and my inner strengths. Something that I didn't expect to get fro a gym. I make better choices and not afraid to ask and... I learned so much about food and nutrition.

9. What do you think about the coaches and the staff at CFP?

Coaches are SO motivating. They are coaching you to squeezed that fat to sweat.... with passion ;).

10. How would you describe yourself in one word?


10. What is your favorite healthy food & “cheat” food?

Healthy food - salad with steak. Cheating food - wine (wine could be my food).

11. What is something that we don’t know about you? (Your hobbies, interesting fact, accomplishments you are proud of, obscure/unique talent, funny story, etc.)

I'm scared of roller coasters, but before I had kids I did rock climbing and I would like to do it again.

12. Do you have any advice for people that are on the fence of joining Chicago Fit Performance?

Don't be afraid of trying something new. It will not kill you, it'll just make you stronger.

*Each month at Chicago Fit Performance we are selecting a Member of the Month. This person will be selected based on a variety of criteria ranging from accountability, motivation, team spirit, results, and more... You can get more details on how you can qualify for Member of the Month by visiting this page =>HERE<=​


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