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40 Facts About Fitness. [Infographic]

Below are 40 interesting facts about the human body and health that you probably have never heard. Knowing these fact is yet another reason to take care of your body and health.

P.S. If you’ve been struggling with your fitness and you feel like every plan is too cookie cutter or too advanced and you’ve tired of losing some weight then gaining it back but never really keeping it off or making it a lifestyle and you’re committed to finally making a change with help of coaches that are on top of their game and really care about you – and you can expect Accountability (keeping you accountable to what you said you would do based on the blueprint we provide), Access (to our top level coaches so that we can help with what you need when you need it – real time), Association (to others that are going through the same struggles and obstacles and have overcome them and are part of the community that helps you) then apply for a STRATEGY SESSION to see if CFP training and coaching is the right fit for you.


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