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The Give Me Five Challenge October

In this month's programming you will be performing the same five great exercises listed in the infographic below. It looks similar to the previous month, but we have changed the order and pairing of exercises and lowered the reps. This is going to give your body the perfect amount of new stimulus to trigger new progress and changes.

GIVE ME FIVE CHALLENGE, PART 1: OCTOBER 1 - NOVEMBER 1 You will be doing again a straight set system. This means that you will complete one set of an exercise for the allotted reps and then rest for the designated time. Then you will complete all five sets of the same move before moving on to the next exercise. For this month, you will complete five sets of 10 reps with 30 seconds of rest between sets.

It’s important to allow time for rest and recovery in between the workouts. Here is an example for a good weekly schedule for this kind of program:

Monday: Workout A Wednesday: Workout B Friday: Workout C

A few more things... In order to make sure you make improvements, you need to challenge yourself and and work a little more than you are used to. That being said, choose weights that should be heavy enough that you can't do more than the designated reps for that exercise while maintaining a good form. For example if you use 12 lbs dumbbells for chest press and you can do more than 12 reps that means it's time to increase the load and grab set of 15 lbs.

Remember: Technique trumps everything! If your technique is right, all you have to do is select the weight loads that make the last two repetitions challenging without compromising your form. When you are clever about exercise selection and programming, it doesn’t take tons of fancy exercises to see results. Stay tuned for next month, when I will give you new program design! You’ll stick with the same five moves, but I’ll provide you with a new protocol. Are you ready to get started? Let’s do this.

Give Five and GET STRONG! Coach Kosta P.S. In our Chicago Fit Performance transformation programs we do all of this exercises and much more. If you’d like to work with us then fill out the application for a STRATEGY SESSION and we’ll get in contact with you and let you know what to do next.


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