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We’re more committed than ever to create more science-backed content that can help you be healthy, eat better, and stay fit in any situation.

Additionally, we’ve adjusted our virtual training to make it accessible for everyone. We know that many of you are in a difficult position with no access to a gym or a trainer, and we want to do what we can to help you through it all.

We will continue to update this page frequently, and hope to be a part of the solution moving forward.

Kosta Shilev Founder


We are providing free bodyweight and minimum equipment workouts weekly on our Instagram page and our YouTube Channel.

Here’s what we have posted so far:

Week 1 - At-Home Workout Phase 1

Week 2 - At-Home Workout Phase 2

Week 3 - At-Home Workout Phase 3

Week 4 - At-Home Workout Phase 4

Partner Workout

Bodyweight Workout for Minimalists

Bodyweight Density Workout

The 9-Move Dumbbell Workout

Stretch & Recovery


We are working hard to create useful content for you as we all acclimate to our new normal.

We are fortunate to share our content with people from across the world. Over 5,000 people are subscribed to our newsletter.

Every week we send out 2-3 emails providing tips and advice that help you live a better, healthier life.

Here are the last emails from the last 6 weeks to see what we share:

May 27th - Make It Easy

April 28th - Real Talk


Now more than ever it’s important to be VIGILANT when it comes to our healthy habits and what we choose to focus on!

The “At Home Survival Kit” is packed with tips & ideas to help you do just that!

  • At-home workouts with bodyweight or minimal equipment

  • Your perfect lockdown schedule

  • Healthy recipes you can make from ingredients you probably have on-hand

  • Activities for keeping the family (and yourself!) focused and positive

  • Ideas for making your home feel even more like a safe haven

We created this guide because we wanted to do something special for you to let you know I CARE about you and we are HERE for you.

You can get your copy here. 100% FREE!


We have also put together our recipe guide that is 148 pages of goodness. It’s 100% free. You can get it here.

We are also providing free content to help you eat healthier while being at home.


Chicago Fit Performance has been around for 9 years and has trained over 2000 clients. If you join you get a fitness and nutrition coach in your corner to help you tackle your goals.

We are also offering a rolling acceptance now to coaching due to people needing help now along with removing our minimum commitment from 6 months to a month-to-month. Apply now if you need more personalized programs, coaching and accountability.


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