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CFP 8 Week Challenge - Your Big Wins

Every year from January through March, we run our 8 Week New Year New You Transformation Challenge. This year was no different. Over the past eight weeks, we have had an awesome group of people coming to CFP regularly to train with us.

The results everyone achieved over the past eight weeks didn’t come from training alone. Our participants did what it takes to get results. They have followed the training and nutrition protocols, and they have build lifestyle habits as well. The big prize of $1000 CASH was won by TEAM "Act Like A Lady Lift Like A Boss" with 46 lbs combined weight loss and 45 total inches. Congratulations Leslie, Ivy, Beatriz, Tasha and Sunny!

Here are the individual results of the challenge this year: 1st place - Lisa N. - LOST 24 LBS, 9% BODY FAT & 15 INCHES;

2nd Place – Leslie Anderson - LOST 15 LBS, 4% BODY FAT & 15 INCHES 3rd Place – Sol Beatrice Farias - LOST 14 LBS, 2% BODY FAT & 13 INCHES

Here are some of the other transformations and incredible results our members have achieved in short 8 weeks.

We want to point out that everyone who took part of the challenge has a win to celebrate! The fact that everyone have spent the past 56 days adding workouts their weekly routine, paid more attention to their eating habits, created a positive and successful mindset for themselves, and accomplished their goal is nothing short of AMAZING!

We want to thank everyone who participated in the 8-week challenge this year. With another transformation challenge under our belt, we are excited for what the rest of 2016 has in the store for us. We have planned out our new annual training program, we have gotten the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed, and we’re ready to help Chicago Fit Performance members get some serious results this year.

AGAIN... THANK YOU to All of the PARTICIPANTS, MEMBERS, and everyone who supported their loved ones and friends during those challenging 8 weeks! Also huge thank you to our business partners contributing with prizes for the challenge winners: Spine & Sports Center of Chicago Iguana Cafe Road Runner Sports Chicago ZaZaZoo Nail Salon Factor 75

If you haven't participated in our challenge and you want to experience results similar to those of our member, feel free to give Chicago Fit Performance a shot this year. If losing fat, dropping pants sizes and building lean muscle interests you, CFP is here to help! We’re also offering 14-day trial to test drive our program and to experience CFP first hand before you decide to join.

If you’re interested in taking us up on the 14-day trial, please feel free to submit an application for a STRATEGY SESSION HERE.


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