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Transformation Challenge...Your Big Wins!

This year’s Chicago Fit Performance New Year, New You Transformation Challenge was fiercely competitive and entirely inspiring. We watched as teammates encouraged each other through difficult workouts, overcoming unhealthy habits, and making lasting changes to their mindset, routine, and lives. This year the numbers were even more challenging as we leveled the playing field using overall team performance to determine the winning team and the individual winners.

KUDOS to ALL the TEAMS who participated in the Challenge! We had some CRAZY transformations and our contestants lost 398 pounds, and 344 inches combined in only 8 weeks!

Drum roll please...

In 1st place, with a total loss of 61 lbs, 26% body fat and 39 inches, Team C! Congratulations to Kristen Boike, Kate Donahue, Carmen Morales, Katie Morales and David Geeders!

Congratulations to Sheila Nagorny for winning the female body transformation prize. Sheila lost 17 lbs, 6% body fat and 14 inches!

In the category of the best male body transformation the winner is David Geeders with the astonishing 41 lbs weight loss, 9% body fat and 19 inches! In the category of best fitness performance the winner is Kristen Boike!

We want to emphasize that everyone in the challenge has a win to celebrate! The fact that each of our participants have spent the past 56 days adding workouts to your weekly routine, paid more attention to your eating habits, created a positive and successful mindset for yourself, and accomplished your goal is nothing short of AMAZING! We were so thrilled to see each of you celebrating your wins and successes that we wanted to share some of those wins!

Click ->HERE<- to see more photos from our finale party. I want to thank the entire Chicago Fit Performance staff, the trainers - Joe, LeRoy, Donna, our admin Daniela for working really hard and making challanges like this very successful.

I’m truly blessed to have such an amazing team and I believe as team we can have much greater impact than just individually. I also want to thank our good friend Dr. Arty from the Spine & Sports Center of Chicago for coaching the core sessions in the past 8 weeks.

I want to thank you all paricipants in this years challange for their hard work and dedication! It wasn’t an easy ride, there were many bumps on the road but with a hard work and perseverance you succeeded. Thank you for being part of our fitness family and putting your trust into CFP and in our system and for giving us the opportunity to help you with your fitness and your health.

You did it! You have achieved great results and it was all you! You made a decision, you took action and you have seen success. But the best part is that’s just the beginning! It will only get better from here on. At CFP are truly blessed to have such an amazing clients like you guys! You all ROCK! And last but not least I want to thank our business partners that contributed to our challange and rewarded the winners with great prizes.



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