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  • Dr. Gina Sirchio

Hormones & Inflammation: 2 Major Fat Loss Inhibitors

There is more information out there than ever about fat loss and weight loss. And yet obesity, cancer, diabetes, etc. are all at an all time high.

But with so much information most people get confused, overwhelmed, jinxed and “played” just so that more “magical” diets can be sold.

To provide more clarity we decided to do a seminar at Chicago Fit Performance to breakdown 2 major fat loss inhibitors - hormones and inflammation.

In this seminar Dr. Gina Sirchio address 2 main problem areas that can hinder people's attempt at reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle. You'll learn how hormones and inflammation can affect body composition, how to know if this is a problem affecting you and what to do to elicit positive changes. Make sure your work and home habits reinforce and enhance your gym habits - make progress starting now!

Lecturer: Dr. Gina Sirchio, a physician that specializes in functional medicine and orthomolecular nutrition, she can help you get to the root of any health issue and help you reach your health and fitness goals. Go to today to schedule your appointment and get moving in the right direction!


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