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Landmine Total Body Workout

Here is a great total body workout for you! It’s a circuit using just one piece of equipment - a landmine. If you don’t have the attachment, you can simply put a thick towel in a corner and put your barbell on it.

Here’s the full breakdown of the workout:

  1. Rotational deadlift to single arm press x8 ea. side

  2. Front squat x10

  3. Bent over rows x8 ea. side

Complete 4-6 rounds for a great total body workout!

The landmine is one of the most versatile, effective fitness tools for increasing functional strength and enhancing performance.

What makes the landmine so special? Think of it this way: Your training regimen should always include the foundational athletic movements of pressing, pulling, squatting, lunging, and rotation. The landmine makes each of these movements more accessible, so people with mobility restrictions, injuries, or simply sketchy movement patterns can train with minimal risk of injury.

Another reason we like utilizing the landmine at Chicago Fit Performance is its ability to make traditional linear movements more three-dimensional.

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