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  • Dr. Gina Sirchio

Proper Nutrient Timing - Nutrition Seminar Part 2

The lecture focuses on why people try to follow so many different types of plans and fail to get results. Often, they mimic the very plan a friend had success with, but don't achieve the same results themselves. This lecture takes the generic advice and make it more personal so everyone can start to work their own necessary path to meet their goals. It also address body chemistry, foods, supplements and timing and how to put it all together. Have you tried this and you continue to run into roadblocks and difficulty? This is where Dr. Gina Sirchio of The LG Institute of Health can help.

Lecturer: Dr. Gina Sirchio, a physician that specializes in functional medicine and orthomolecular nutrition, she can help you get to the root of any health issue and help you reach your health and fitness goals. Go to today to schedule your appointment and get moving in the right direction!


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